Eye of the Beholder, Inc. works with many great companies, in many different aspects. Photography has always been the motivating factor in my work and accomplishments.

Eye of the Beholder, Inc. is a creative force for Johnson Kendall and Johnson and JKJ-H International, creating their logo, marketing materials, advertising campaigns, executive images and art work for their new building. We work with JKJ social media applications.

Eye of the Beholder, Inc. works with Stark and Stark creating their motorcycle ad campaigns featuring our photography and design work.

Design work and creative applications of our photography has allowed us to be a full service business. We feel working in design has helped Eye of the Beholder, Inc. to work more effectively with Design and PR Firms.

Eye of the Beholder, Inc. handles any location, creates new executive images on site and covers any event with the expertise our clients demand.

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